Winners Announced! University of Limerick’s Most Commercially Viable Final Year Project

We recently worked with the University of Limerick to sponsor a Final Year project (FYP) in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. The theme was most commercially viable FYP and we were delighted to award Gearoid Kenny 1st prize for his Livestock Manager application called Anseó.

Anseó is the development of an android mobile application that is designed to aid farmers to manage and build a herd profile of all the livestock they own. This in turn will allow farmers to check their cattle efficiently, cut down on paper work and improve animal welfare and performance.



Winners and runners up from Left to Right, David Hannan & Keith Williams (2nd place), Michael Hallinan, Owen Ryan, Gearoid Kenny (Winner), John Savage, ActionPoint Technical Director, James Preston (3rd Place), Sean Dowling & Thomas Nolan.

The other winners and finalists submitted the following projects:

Gro – David Hannan and Keith Williams – 2nd Place

This project is designed to help new students with their transition to university life by tackling one of the many issues they will face in their first year: seeking out and making new friends. The goal is to create a social networking app designed specifically for college students that will help break down that social barrier many students face, whether they are first year students, Erasmus students, transfer students from other universities, or even mature students.

To accompany the android app will be a website, developed in PHP, which will replicate the design, features and functionality of the app. The website will allow users to take our personality quiz that connects to our large database, where our matching algorithm will then run in order to provide users with the appropriate results. With the app students will have the ability to view profiles and pictures, use the built in chat facility to communicate with friends, and keep up to date with the added college news feed.

Vehicle Self Diagnosis Application – James Preston – 3rd Place

This project is an application that allows users to connect to their vehicle using an inexpensive third party device and read live data and faults with the vehicle. The project aims to provide critical information regarding the current state of a vehicle to non-technical stakeholders such as owners, allowing them to be better informed when estimating the cost of any repairs required. The application will be developed using C# and will be released as a Windows 10 and Android application.

Monitoring User Preferences – An Application to Desktop Environments – Michael Hallinan – Joint 4th Place

The focus of this project is on desktop environments and will help to identify strategies to capture user preferences and detect changes. This is accomplished using an extension for the web browser Google Chrome. This Extension will monitor the user’s web usage and recognise patterns in browsing as well as give recommendations and prompts based upon these findings.

Counter-Stealth: A stealth game from the opposite perspective – Owen Ryan – Joint 4th Place

This project is a Stealth Game played from the opposite perspective, or in layman’s terms, it is a stealth game in which you play as the guards attempting to stop intruders or infiltrators. The project is divided into two games, one game where you are in direct control of a lone guard patrolling a darkened building with only your flashlight and security camera’s to help catch any intruders before they can get the drop on you; and the second game in which you are managing multiple guards in a building, planning out complex patrol routes and managing their needs as you attempt to stop the theft of a valuable priceless and over-sized diamond. These two games will compete for your attention in order to see which type of game-play is better suited to this kind of game.

Data Mining Application with User Feedback – Thomas Nolan

The aim of this project is to develop a data mining application and allow for user feedback. The application will be centred on the website Reddit. Reddit is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content. The application will combine data mining techniques, natural language processing techniques as well as machine learning techniques in order to perform sentiment analysis on posts from Reddit as well as provide insightful visualisations of the data.

The application is developed using and a various number of other libraries in order to build an interactive, user friendly website.

Stack Overflow Information Visualisation – Sean Dowling

This project is a web application for interactive visual exploration of user information and trends for the programming knowledge market website Stack Overflow. The application will create a visualisation of user data and tags which the user can be browsed in order to get insight into the searched user’s trends.

The visualisation aspect of the web application will be created using graph drawing algorithms in order to achieve a better representation of the user profile on Stack Overflow, which will aid the user in a better understanding of that user’s profile and his/her trends. Interpretation of the resulting graph will help gain an understanding of that user’s specialisation in programming technologies.