Three Key Benefits to Having a Software Support Contract

Investing in bespoke software is an important strategic business decision for any organization. Months of planning, development and testing go into each project before it reaches the deployment stage. At ActionPoint, our mission is to help companies achieve their greatest potential using the power of technology. And for us, that doesn’t end when the project is delivered. Let’s use an example. When you buy a new car, you wouldn’t wait 5 years before getting it serviced or ignore any red lights flashing on your dash. Much like a car, your software needs regular maintenance and can run into small issues over the course of its lifetime that require some professional assistance.  In this blog, we look at the Three key benefits to having a software support contract. 


1.Long-term cost savings 

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Developing software to suit your business requirements can be a significant financial investment. Much like the car analogy above, continuous maintenance and improvements to your software can eliminate the possibility of hefty repair jobs or unresolved issues. By investing in software support, your business will have access to a team of software professionals who have the ability to resolve issues within hours or even minutes, saving you and your team time that may be spent fire fighting operational inefficiencies or impacted customer experiences as a result.  


2. Continuous Seamless Experience 

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According to a report by PWC, the motivation to use technology for a third of the workforce (34%) comes from the promise of better efficiency and teamwork. The technology we use in our businesses can greatly enable and impact the quality of work our teams can produce. Through the assistance of software support, you are providing your team with the potential to deliver their work obstacle- free. The same can be said for customer- facing technology, by improving user-experience and allowing your customers to interact with your business without interference due to the reactive assistance of the software support team. 


3. Increase Uptime 

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In this climate, users expect the technology they engage with to be quick, easy and efficient. Technological errors can cause frustrations or even worse, stop users from being able to effectively use your software for its intended purpose. By having the backing of a software support team, issues can be escalated and dealt with quickly, keeping any downtime to a minimum and most importantly, keeping your customers happy! 


If you would like to learn more about the software support services provided by ActionPoint, email our dedicated team, here.