ActionPoint and Bresee Foundation Spark Acts of Kindness with “12 For Good Challenge” for L.A Families in Need

The 12 For Good Challenge in response to COVID-19 from Bresee Foundation and ActionPoint

In an unprecedented initiative, Tim Martin, Managing Partner at ActionPoint, is leading his clients, partners and peers toward a positive cause entitled, the “12 For Good Challenge”.

The “12 For Good Challenge”, is a social media campaign, driven by Martin, to inspire others to donate all or some of their $1200 IRS-issues stimulus check, to Los Angeles families who are experiencing financial distress, due to COVID-19.

Families who are associated with the Los Angeles-based nonprofit, Bresee Foundation, will be the direct recipients of the donations. Donations are accepted on the Bresee Foundation website, and begin at any amount, up to the entire stimulus check of S1200. All donated monies will be distributed to meet immediate needs for food, financial assistance, and virtual education.

The “12 For Good Challenge” is open to the public and to any tax-paying adult who chooses to participate and is tax deductible. The instructions for the challenge are as follows:

  1. Post a video on your social media page of yourself either reading the script below or doing something creative (a song, poem, rap, cheer, dance, etc.) promoting the number 12.
  2. Paste the attached text with the donation link in your post.
    “I accept the 12forGood Challenge and nominate 12 of my friends to also give all, or part of their $1,200 federal stimulus check to a non-profit on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. My non-profit of choice is Bresee Foundation (or name charity of choice) (or your non-profit’s donation link) What are you doing with your 12? #12forGood.”
  3. Change your social media profile picture & Zoom background to the attached 12 For Good Challenge jpg. Tag & challenge 12 of your friends to do the same.

Since April 24th, Martin has garnered tremendous support from people in his network. Leading by example, Martin has already donated his entire stimulus check and directly from Action Point, as he believes in giving more than receiving.

“My wife and I are okay and have a bit of money saved,” said Martin. “I wanted to do something good for other families in need, and thought it would be a great idea for others to be a part of it too.”

The website landing page for the initiative displays a header that reads, “Join the 12 For Good Challenge! What are you doing with your $1,200?” We invite you to show everyone what you’re doing. Join the 12 For Good Challenge today!

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