5 Things to Check Off the List Before Developing An Enterprise App

Custom Software DevelopmentWhile not every business needs an app to succeed, they have a proven track record of evolving the way companies do business. However, before you send your great idea into development, it’s important to cover the basics. If your business is going to make an investment in software, here’s five things to check off your list before contacting app development companies.

  1. Purpose

The first thing to tick off your list is defining the purpose of your enterprise app. What will it do for the user? More importantly, you should also define what value it brings to your company. Whether it’s streamlining processes or compounding your position as a market leader, it’s important to start with a clear value proposition for your organisation.

  1. Market Research

Next, make sure the market is ready for your app. Does it fulfill a need from your company? Is there any other app that can do what your business requires? If you’ll be sharing the app beyond your own organisation, you can also review potential demand amongst other businesses by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. This allows you to see the average number of people searching for similar items to your app every month.

  1. Goals

What are your internal goals for the app? Do you hope to increase employee efficiency or streamline processes? Whatever the answer, it’s important that you have goals to reach before you begin the custom software development process. These allow your business to track the app’s success, and helps app development companies understand exactly what you need from the software.

  1. Platforms

What platform do you want to launch your enterprise app on? Will it be a desktop application or a mobile app? If it’s a mobile app, analyse the mobile usage policy within your company. Do employees bring their own phones to work, or are they provided? If they bring their own phones, you’ll need to survey if Androids or iPhones are most commonly used. If your company supplies them, which will be the most cost effective option?

  1. Company Approval

Before you consult with external app development companies, ensure senior personnel within your company approve of the proposal. Brief them on the benefits of the project, and ensure they sign off on the estimated cost before contracting software development services. Working through any internal concerns and security specifications before beginning the project will enable development to proceed without delays.

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